One of Rebaro’s greatest strengths is in the highly demanding field of special station construction …

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    Rebaro’s standard stations are known for their outstanding versatility and flexibility …

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    Our product range also includes distributor construction ….

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    Rebaro’s versatile drinking water systems offer the best solution for your drinking water needs ….

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    Rebaro systems come equipped with intelligent control and regulation technology …

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rebaro means quality!

We are a company with many years’ experience in producing top quality products and are one of best known manufacturers of district heating stations in Germany. Over the years we have grown from a small 5-person company to a successful medium-sized company operating internationally. With an eye on future expansion we moved to larger premises in 2009 and optimised our production processes.

We have used this opportunity to continue our growth. Since then more than 15,000 district heating stations, in all sizes, have left our factory, all of course constructed in proven Rebaro quality!

Your satisfaction is our goal!

We see ourselves as a company that focuses on the complete satisfaction of our business partner’s needs. We achieve this through high quality standards, reliable delivery and our proven service record. Our suppliers value us as a high-performance and reliable market participant. To attain these high standards a highly motivated team is vital.

We offer our employees secure employment, responsible work, training and opportunities to develop professionally. As a member of AGFW, The Energy Efficiency Organization, we are always at the cutting edge of our field, which makes us a valued and reliable partner. We are of course certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

10-year guarantee on welds.

We of course only use the highest quality components.

All of our pipework is welded using state-of-the-art automatic welding technology.

This allows us to provide a 10 year warranty with complete confidence.

Short delivery time

Our standard stations are pre-produced and their construction is based on modular design.

This allows us to manufacture our products quickly and reliably. For our clients this means short delivery times and complete satisfaction.

Special and Standard Solutions

One of Rebaro’s greatest strengths is in the highly demanding field of special station construction. Of course even with our standard stations great emphasis is put on quality and customer satisfaction.

We have been producing District Heating Systems for over 30 years and look forward to using our experience to satisfy your needs.